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Divirta-se no Darghos 7.4, um server feito para ser dificil!

5nd Season starting today!

We will be starting our 5nd season of Darghos today! You all are welcome to join us one more time!

Following you will see all the server configurations of Novium for this season:

  • Version 8.6
  • Free Premium (all premium features available for free to everyone!)
  • Easier exp, magic and skills rates (same as in the old server, Antinum, check aqui).
  • PvP Type: Only activated (no PvP disabled characters as in old server Antinum).
  • New loot boxes system. Get addons and items as reward by doing our events and leveling.
  • All blessings are for free till level 35.
  • Frags: Red skull with 10/day and Black skull with 15/day.
  • Gold from monsters is collected automatically!
  • Events and invasions with real challange. Scripted smart bosses, etc.
  • Our server is online for 13 years! And 3 years without any reset!

The character creation at world Novium will be available when the world will be online, at 19:00 BRT.

Good luck to you all! Have fun!

UltraxSoft Staff.

4 anos atrás

Season 4 just begun!

Hello Darghonians!

Yestarday we just begun a new season of Darghos. The world Novium is again online for the Season 4.

Is important understand this Season will be a little different from the others, for the following reasons:

1. Last 8.6 Season

Yes, this will be the last season of Darghos runing in 8.6 protocol. The next (Season 5) will be using a newer Tibia version. So, this is the last opportunity to enjoy the experience of a new server on Darghos in this version.

2. Permanent World

Despite we calling this as a "new season", it is not exactly a new season. From this time, Novium will not be merged in the future with Antinum world. This Season will became a permanent and separated world in 8.6 version that not will be updated to the newest protocol in the future, similar to our Ragnos world.

3. Long therm world with Low rates

As it will be an permanent world, running in 8.6, we decided that such be a good idea make this server with low rates, for a longest gameplay.

  • Stages:
    • Level 1 to 59: 3x
    • Level 60 to 119: 2x
    • Level 120+: 1.5x
  • Loot rates: 1.5x
  • Skills & magic: 2x

4. Premium System

For this season we decided back the Premium System to te game again (as it was previously in the Season 1). You can buy premium using real money on the shop or using game money with the command !buypremium. Players that brought premium on the shop can too sell Days for Gold using the command !sellpremium.

Note that the prices of buy and sell through ingame commands will vary. It happens because it is not fixed prices, it's like a Trade where players can buy and sell Premium to each other but in a easier way.

So, is that, have a good luck to you all in this new season!

UltraxSoft Staff

5 anos atrás

Ending 3nd Season

We are close to the end of 3rd Season on Novium world. The end will be next March, 11 followed by the same steps done in the end of previously seasons. Keep reading for more informations.

3nd Season and his legacy

The 3nd Season is running since early December, and now reach 3 months making this the most successful and longest season from all previously seasons.

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5 anos atrás

New season coming!

In the end of this year a 3nd and new season is coming to Darghos!
The new season will bring to the game some new exciting features.
If you are not familiar with Darghos seasons: this will be our third season (1st was on Jan/2016 and 2st on Jul/2016). On every new season the world Novium is bring back to life. Antinum will also keep online for anyone, so the new season is not a reset.
Want more? The day where the new season will be launched and more informations will be to announce soon. So, keep visiting our website with regularity.
UltraxSoft Team.
6 anos atrás

Ending current season

On next server save, september 7, will be ending the current Darghos season (summer) followed by a merge of the world Novium to our old world, Antinum.

Is important to say that nothing will be lost. The worlds will be merged and you will be able to keep playing on your characters well, on Antinum now.

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6 anos atrás

New season

So many players claim for a new season of Darghos on this summer, so a new journey will begin at: next friday, 06-24, 18:00 (Brazilian Time).

This new season will be a new world with name Novium. Most of game features and content will be the same from the old world, that will be named as Antinum. But the new season will bring some changes too..

Some of the new season changes:

► Rates by stages: 

1 ~ 100: 10x
100 ~ 160: 8x
160 ~ 180: 4x
180 ~ 200: 3x 
200+: 2x

► Skills/Magic rate: 15x (5x on old word)
► Loot rate: 2x (1x on old world)
► Free premium (Our item shop will be with some changes)
► Players will be able to attach screenshot and youtube videos on your characters profiles on website.
► New mini-events with rewards to the winners.

You will be able to play using your current account. Remember, this is not a reset. The old world (Antinum) will keep online.

UltraxSoft Staff.

6 anos atrás