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Gostaria de ficar por dentro de novidades no Darghos?
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Divirta-se no Darghos 7.4, um server feito para ser dificil!

Darghos make use of premium system, as in the oficial game. You will need a premium account to unlock some beneficts on your account, as buy a promotion, access some premium areas and his content, buy houses, have a guild, and some others. 

There's two ways to get your premium account on the game: ingame with !buypremium command (using your gold coins) or using Darghos Shop (using real money).

Buying in the game

To buy your premium account ingame you need use the command !buypremium.

Using the command you will buy 5 premium days for your account. You can use the command a twice to buy 10 days. After type the command the price of buyout will be shown and you need re-type the command with a confirmation code to finish.

Selling in the game

Only who buy 30 days of premium in our Shop will be able to sell premium. To do this, you will use the !sellpremium command and will sell 20 days of premium for the shown price. You will need re-type the command with the confirmation code to finish.

Buy & Sell Prices

Following are the prices of buy and sell for each of Darghos worlds:



buy 5 days (!buypremium)
0 gps

sell 20 days (!sellpremium)
0 gps


buy 5 days (!buypremium)
1,611,000 gps

sell 20 days (!sellpremium)
6,121,800 gps


buy 30 days (!buypremium)
446,528 gps

sell 30 days (!sellpremium)
424,201 gps



Why the buy & sell price are changed time to time? 

Our system work as a commerce between the players, as if you are selling and buying premium from other players in the trade, but in a more quick and automatizated way.

  • if more players are buying than selling premium, the price will be increased;
  • if more players are selling than buying premium, the price will be decreased ;
  • when the number of players buying and selling be equal, so the prices will be balanced;