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Frequently Asked Questions


Where I can found trainers? 

On Quendor Depot you will find a portal to send you to a room with a Hitdoll. On Island of Peace you will find a Training Academy on the North of the island.


Where I can find spoiler of Quests and Hunts?

We provide a Game Guide on the Darghos Wiki. You can find a large content information on the fansite Suporte-Darghos. Sadly, both websites are in Portuguese, we are working on translate our Game Guides to English.


How can I donate to Darghos?

We are working to integrate PayPal authomated on our website soon. While this work is not finished, you can contact us via e-mail or facebook private message then we can provide you manually a way to make your donation via PayPal.

Rashid - Where can I find?  

Rashid can be found in a building on the south of the Aaragon, the following url can help you with the location of Rashid:


Djinns - Where can I find? 

The Djinns is find on the Northeast of the city Salazart. To be able to negotiate with Djinns you must complete the Djinns Quest (here).


How can I be a Tutor?

There's no exact way to do this. To be a Tutor on Darghos you need some dedication, be patient and feel happy helping other players voluntary, mas a dedicação. You will need a good knowledge of the Darghos content too.

We are always looking our Help Channel searching for players who have these virtues to be promoted to a Tutor. =)


I was being randomly kicked in the game. Why?

On the Darghos is tolerated the use of unoficial softwares (bots) to play. However softwares like that if not well configured can spam our game-server and affect the performance and the good game of the entire community. By that, there's a system to kick theses players from the game. If is this your case, please, check your bot scripts or disable your bot.


I have doubts, how can Darghos staff assist me?

Is there few ways to help you:

  • Find a tutor ingame on the Help Channel
  • Use the Rule Violation window (Ctrl+R)
  • Send us a message at:
  • Send us a private message on Facebook.