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Beta Status: Online

Beta Client: Download

Beta 7.4 do Darghos está no ar! Tibia como antigamente! Divertido e dificil!


About the Game

This is a free server based on the same Darghos Classic, released between 2008 and 2009. All the game content is the original, including:

  • Many quests and missions
  • 8 cities in sereval continents
  • Balanced vocations
  • Free will philosopy (minimal staff interventions in the game)
  • Long therm server

Play Now!

Anybody can play Darghos Classic , just create your account and character and then download client and have fun! You will start at level 8 on Island of Peace!
The original creators keep alive the project with the purpose of fãns and veterans enjoy their favourite game! You might know Ragnos, the new game we are working now!